6 Fascinating Facts About Palani Murugan Temple!


Sashti in Karthigai month falls on November 24, 2017, Friday


While worshipping Lord Muruga on this day, let us take a glimpse of the specialities of Palani, one of the six abodes of Lord Muruga.


1. Dhandayuthapani


Lord Muruga’s temple in Palani is called Bala Dhandayuthapani Temple. He is called Dhandayuthapani since Muruga went to Palani after He got angry with his parents for giving the fruit of wisdom to His brother Vinayaka.


2. Meaning of the name Palani


We know how Vinayaka won over Lord Muruga by coming around His parents considering Them as the world. In his anger, Muruga went to a hill and stood there all alone. He was called Pazham Ni பழம் நீ- the Fruit of Wisdom) by Avvaiyar, His devotee.  Thus, the name Pazhani or Palani came into existence.


3. Nava Pashanam


The idol of Palani Murugan Temple is made of ‘Nava Pashanam’ (nine poisonous materials) which turn out to medicinal when mixed in a certain ratio. These nine materials are called Pooram, Rasam, Veeram, Kandagam, Jathilingam, Vellai Pasanam, Gowri Pasanam, Silasat, and Mridharsingh in Siddha medicine.


4. Panchamirutham


There are two abhishekams conducted for Lord Muruga every day-milk and panchamirutham. Palani panchamirutham (made of fruits, dry fruits, jaggery and honey) is a famous prasadam available in the temple.

At night, they apply chandan on the idol of Lord Muruga and distribute it on the next day as ‘Raakaala Chandanam’. This chandan bears the medicinal values obtained from the idol.


5. Kavadi


Palan Murugan Temple is one of the favourite pilgrim spots of the devotees of Muruga. Kavadi, Paalkudam and other rituals are undertaken by the devotees to showcase their devotion to Lord Muruga on Thai Poosam and other important festivals dedicated to Lord Muurga.


 6. Tonsuring -  (பழநி மொட்டை)


Palani is the famous spot for tonsuring (பழநி மொட்டை). 


Let us remember the specialities of the abodes of Lord Muruga when we worship Him on special days like Sashti.





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