7 Facts You Need to Know About Tiruchendur


Sashti in the month of Margazhi falls on December 24, 2017.It is a day dedicated to Lord Muruga and Sashti vrata is a famous vow observed by the devotees for fulfilling their wishes.


On this auspicious occasion, let us look into the specialties of Tiruchendur, one of the six houses of Lord Muruga.


Specialties of Tiruchendur



1. Tiruchendur is one of the six houses of Lord Muruga. It is located in Tuticorin district.


2. The word Tiruchendur denotes the place of victory and prosperity since it points out Lord Muruga’s victory over Surapadma.


3. Lord Muruga came to worship his father Lord Shiva after conquering Surapadma. Mayan, the architect of the Devas built the shrines in this temple.


4. Raja Gopuram in this temple is situated in the western direction unlike in many temples where Raja Gopuram is built in the eastern direction.


5. Same way, unlike other five temples which are built on the mountain region, Tiruchendur is situated on the sea shore.


6. The temple was originally built of sandstone. Due to the weather at sea, it started to disintegrate. It was revamped by a sannyasin with the name Mauna Swami.


7. The Panchalingams and sandstone cave dedicated to Valli in Tiruchendur temple are famous.


These are the specialties of Tiruchendur temple. The Skanda Sashti celebrations in this temple are very grand since Muruga visited this place after defeating Surapadma.


Let us observe Sashti vrat with intense devotion and seek the blessings of Lord Muruga.




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