Arupadaiveedu Konda Thiru Muruga!

Sashti in the ShuklaPaksha of Chithirai falls on May 1, 2017.We know that it is devoted to the worship of Lord Muruga. In this post, let us see what are the six abodes of Lord Muruga and what is their significance.


Though there are innumerable temples for Muruga, six places are considered very special for his worship and they are calledArupadaiveedu of Skanda. They are the six battle camps of Muruga. ‘Padaiveedu’ in Tamil means battle camps. They are 


                                                                                      Arupadai Veedu


1.  Thiruparmkunram Subramania Swamy Temple

The legend goes that the ancient Tamil poet Nakirar was imprisoned by a ghost in Thiruparamkunram, a mountainous region in Madurai. In order to seek release from the ghost, Nakirar prayed to Lord Muruga and sang in praise of him in his literary piece’Thirumurugatrupadai’. As he completed singing, Murugan appeared, slew the ghost and blessed Nakirar. In Thiruparamkunram, Muruga wedded Devaiyanai, daughter of Indra.


2. Tiruchendur Senthil Andavar Temple


In Tiruchendur, Muruga fought with Surapadma and demolished him. Surapadma sought salvation by becoming the vehicle of Muruga (peacock) and adorning his flag in the form of a cock. 


3. Swamimalai Swaminatha Swamy Temple


In Swamimalai, Karthikeya became the guru of his father Shiva and taught him the meaning of ‘pranava’.


4. Pazhani Dhandayuthapani Temple


The famous story of Kumaran fighting for a mango and getting separated from his parents is known to everyone. Muruga came to Pazhaani and settled there as Dhandayuthapani.


5. Palamudhircholai Subramania SwamyTemple


Palamudhircholai in Madurai is the place where Avvaiyar, the great devotee of Muruga sought blessings from him.


6. Thiruthani Subramania Swamy Temple


In Thiruthani, Muruga married Valli, daughter of the king of forest (Kura magal).


Let us pray to the Lord of these six abodes on Sashti and seek eternal bliss through his grace.


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