How did Pradosham Worship Come About?

Krishna Paksha Pradosham in Karthigai month falls on December 15, 2017, Friday. It is a day special for the worship of Lord Shiva and every devotee of Lord Shiva makes it a point to visit a temple and seek the benedictions of Shiva on this day.


Have you heard of Sayana Sivan?


You may know Lord Vishnu is found in the sleeping posture in many temples and   He is known as Anantha Sayanan.


Lord Shiva found in sleeping posture is a very rare sight and you can find one such in the temple in Suruttupalli in Andra Pradesh.


Pallikondeswarar Sayana Sivan.


It is 2 kilometres away from Utthukottai and is on Chennai-Periyapalayam-Tirupati road. Lord Shiva in this temple is known as Pallikondeswarar Sayana Sivan.


Lord Shiva is seen in the sleeping posture, sleeping on the lap of Goddess Parvathy. There is a mythological reference to this posture.



The Origin of Pradosham Worship


We all know that Lord Neelakandan drank hala-hala poison during the churning of the Ocean of Milk. Due to the power of the poison, he felt dizzy and was lying on the lap of Goddess Parvathy. When the Gods and Devas came to worship Lord Shiva at that time, they were prevented by Nandi Bhagavan from taking a darshan of the Lord. It was because both the God and Goddess were together.


Soon, Lord Shiva came out and on seeing Devas and Gods, danced with happiness on the horns of Nandhi.It happened on Krishna Paksha Thrayodashi and thus the worship of Pradosham came into existence from that day onwards.


It is believed that this incident took place in Surutapalli and thus the worship of Lord Shiva during Pradosham is believed to have started in Surutapalli. So, Lord Shiva is depicted in the sleeping posture in Surutapalli temple.


Pradosha pooja in Surutapalli is regarded effective for removing the worries and poverty of a person.


Let us visit the temple and get the unlimited grace of Sayana Sivan.


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