How Yogini Ekadashi Vrata Can Cure One from Deadly Diseases?

Ekadashi that falls on June 20, 2017, is known as Yogini Ekadashi.


Yogini Ekadashi falls on the 11th day after Full Moon Day in the month of Aani (June -July). It is the Ekadashi which relieves a person of serious diseases like white leprosy. It bestows all good things on the devotee who observes Yogini Ekadashi Vrat.


In Brahma Vaivatra Purana, the story of Yogini Ekadashi is narrated by Lord Krishna to Yudhishtra.


Story of Yogini Ekadashi 2017 (Yogini Ekadashi Vrata Katha)


Lord Kubera, the treasurer of the Devas, was the ruler of Alakapuri and a great devotee of Lord Shiva. He did daily poojas to Lord Shiva with offerings of flowers from the Manasarovar Lake. Hemamali, a Yaksha, was his gardener and he had the duty of bringing flowers from the Manasarovar Lake for the Shiva pooja of Kubera every day. The gardener was voluptuously attached to his wife Swaroopavathi.


One day, Hemamali, after plucking the flowers from Manasarovar Lake, instead of going to Kubera with flowers for the worship of Lord Shiva, went to his wife and was enjoying the conjugal bliss with her. Kubera missed the flowers in his pooja and asked with anger to find out the reason why Hemamali was missing. He came to know that Hemamali went home to spend time with his wife instead of fulfilling his duty of bringing flowers for pooja.


The infuriated Yaksha (Kubera) cursed Hemamali that he would suffer from white leprosy and would depart from his wife. Immediately, Hemamali fell from his heavenly abode and found himself in a forest. He had the onset of white leprosy upon him and was roaming in the forest with a search for food and water.


As he was wandering in the forest, Hemamali chanced upon Rishi Markandeya who was a great sage with spiritual wisdom and compassion for other beings. The Yaksha bowed before him from a distance due to the illness he had got. On seeing his pathetic plight, the Rishi enquired about it.


Hemamali disclosed the truth without any hesitation and for his honesty and truth, he was blessed by the Rishi who advised him to take Yogini Ekadashi vow and follow the vrata with utmost sincerity. He said that this vrata will cure a person of any serious illness and the person will be able to lead a healthy life. The devotee will be relieved of his sins also.


Hemamali observed Yogini Ekadashi vrata and got back his handsome appearance. He went to Alakapuri and lived a life of happiness with his wife.


Lord Krishna said that observing Yogini Ekadashi vratam will bring the religious benefit that is equivalent to feeding eighty-eight thousand brahmins.


How to observe Yogini Ekadashi vrat?


Observing Yogini Ekadashi vrat is like observing any other Ekadashi fasting. Those who are on a partial fast should abstain from taking grains like rice and avoid onion and ginger.


Thus, Yogini Ekadashi vrat brings fortune and health to a person. As it is rightly said, health is wealth and this Ekadashi vrat can bring utmost benefits of health to a devotee and relieve him of illness of serious kind like white leprosy.


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