Karthigai Vrata


Karthigai Vrata falls on Friday, 31-03-2017.


Karthigai is a star among 27 stars and falls on the day when the Moon crosses the Karthigai constellation of six stars once in a month as per lunar calendar.


Karthigai is the birth star of Lord Muruga, yes, we all know. Karthigai is a constellation of stars who are actually the six nymphs who reared Lord Muruga.


Lord Muruga was born of the third eye of Lord Shiva and was born as six babies. These six babies were brought up by these six Karthigai nymphs and later, Muruga was transformed into a boy with six faces by his mother, Goddess Parvathi.


No wonder, Karthigai is the star auspicious for the worship of Lord Muruga as it is only Karthigai nymphs who reared him. There are special prayers and abhishekams in temples in the worship of Lord Muruga on the day.


Let us pray to Muruga for spiritual enlightenment and attainment of virtues in life through slokas and puja at home on this day.


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