Six Specialties of the Six Faces of Lord Muruga!

This month Sashti is called Kumara Sashti.


Kumara Sashti is the Sashti thithi that occurs during the Sukla paksha of Aani month. This year, it falls on June 29. This Sashti is called Kumara Sashti after the name of Muruga (who is called Kumara). Muruga is also called Kumara since he is the younger brother of Lord Ganesh. Muruga is named Kumaran for his youthful appearance also.


Kumara Sashti, 2017 date is June 29, and is celebrated as the birth day of Muruga in the northern parts of India especially Maharashtra and in Nepal.


Sashti vrata is a major observance for the devotees of Muruga and many gain beneficial results by this vow. Worshipping Murugan on Sashti brings immense positivity for His devotees.


Whenever we worship Muruga, we are always stricken by awe on seeing the six faces and twelve hands of the God. The six faces of the God signify six special aspects of the Lord.


Significance of the six faces of Muruga



1. One face radiates rays of light to dispel darkness in the world and illuminate it with light.


2. One face looks gracefully at the devotees to bestow benefits and grace upon them for their love and devotion.


3. One face watches the Brahmins, their performing the rituals and sacrifices with perfection.


4. One face is bright like the full moon spreading brilliant light over the earth and enlightening the minds of the saints to find out eternal truths.


5. One face looks furious with anger to destroy adharma on earth.


6. One face looks at the consort Valli  with affection.


The six faces see all the directions like East and West and they are said to represent the six chakras in the body. They also signify the five elements of the Universe-earth, water, air, fire and ether. The sixth element is the spirit that brings life into beings.


Remembering the great values of Lord Muruga, let us worship Him with ardent devotion and gain His bounteous blessings to the core.


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