Soma Pradosham-Special for Shiva Devotees

Upcoming Pradosham on April 24, 2017, Monday is Soma Pradosham.


Pradosham is the time for praying to Lord Shiva that we will get relieved of human bondage. When it falls on Monday, it is known as Soma Pradosham and is considered very special since Monday is the most auspicious day for praying to Lord Shiva.


One of the names of Lord Shiva is Soma, who adores the Crescent Moon (the Soma) on His matted hair. Soma means – Saha Uma (Goddess Parvathi). So, Soma Pradosha is not only very auspicious for Lord Shiva but for Goddess Parvathi too. Observing vrata on Soma Pradosham bestows bounteous benefits on the devotees.


Pradosham occurs in Thrayodashi thithi in both Shukla paksha and Krishna paksha and thus occurs twice in a month. In all Shiva temples, special abhishekams and poojas are conducted during 4.30 to 6 pm for Lord Shiva on this day.




                                        All You want To know About Pradosham




During the time of Pradosham, The Lord who holds the trident, makes Goddess Gowri, Who is the mother of all the three worlds, sit on a golden seat inlaid with precious gems, and prepares to dance himself, and all the devas sing his praise at this time.


God fulfils the wishes of those who pray to Him during this time and awards them with mukthi.  People offer milk, curd, and honey for anointing Shiva during Pradosham and also offer flowers and garlands for decorating the Lord.



Pradosham fasting procedure is as follows


You should not eat in the day time. During Pradosha kalam in the evening after taking bath and partaking in the special poojas at the temple, you can break fast and eat with the devotees of Shiva.


Eating, sleeping, bathing, applying oil, doing mantra japas, embarking on a travel and reading should not be done during Pradosha kalam.




TridalamtriguNaakaaramtrinetram cha triyaayudham

trijanma paapasamhaaramekaBilvamshivaarpaNam



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