Spiritual Enlightenment through Karthigai Vrata

Karthigai Vrata in Avani falls on September 11, 2017.


Karthigai is considered as the birthday of Lord Karthikeya. Karthigai is a star among 27 stars and falls on the day when the Moon crosses the Karthigai constellation of six stars once in a month as per lunar calendar. Those who observe Karthigai vrata on this day reap many good things in life. In temples, Special Abhishekam is performed to Lord Muruga on the Karthigai day every month.


In all temples where Muruga is the primary deity, He is seen with Vel in His hand. Ardent devotees of the Lord pierce their parts of the body like the tongue with miniature Vel during festivals like Thaipusam to affirm their piety towards the Lord.


 Do you know why is the Vel so powerful and what is the legend behind it?


Legend behind the Vel of Muruga


Lord Muruga was created out of the Third Eye of Lord Shiva to destroy the evil forces on earth. He was made the Army Chief of the Devas. Muruga embarked on a fight with asuras like Surapadman, Tarakasuran and Singamugan.When He started for the war, He was given a divine spear by His mother Parvathi. The Vel was the embodiment of the power of the Goddess and was created to be the major weapon of Lord Muruga during His fight with mighty asuras.


No wonder, Vel has become a significant adornment of Lord Muruga and it contains special meanings and connotations of its own.


Significance of Vel


The power to fight out evil and other negative forces


Vel has been created to destroy the negative forces on earth. It signifies the moral victory of good over evil. The destruction of Surapadman with the aid of Vel is symbolic of the removal of ego in human beings.


Embodiment of spiritual knowledge


Vel awakens spirituality in the devotees who worship it.


The shape of the Vel showcases the broadness of human mind, depth of thoughts and sharpness of spiritual wisdom. Vel is a sharp edged broad lance with depth in length. The broad spear signifies the broadness of the mind, sharp edge signifies the focused worship of the devotee for God. The depth in the length of the Vel signifies the depth of human thoughts and mind.


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