Symbolic Significance of the Ardhanareeshwara form

Pradosham falls on July 6, Thursday, 2017. 


Pradosham is the time when Lord Shiva is in His ecstatic dancing mood with Goddess Gowri near Him and He grants all the wishes of His devotees who pray to Him that time.


When we worship Lord Shiva ardently, praising His various forms, we no doubt are amazed by His Ardhanareeshwara form and its eminence and power.


What is the form of Ardhanareeshwarar?



Ardhanareeshwarar is the united form of Shiva and Parvathi. As the term signifies, it is ardha (half) Nara (male) and ardha (half) Naree (female).It is the united version of both Shiva and Shakthi, the fusion of male and female energies that operate the Universe. Shiva is the male energy and Shakthi is the feminine energy and these two energies fused together have created the Universe and run the Universe.


The Magnificent Iconic Significance of Ardhanareeshwarar!


The Ardhanareeshwara form showcases half of the male form, Shiva (Purusha) with His adornments and attributes on the right side and the feminine beauty of Parvathi (Prakrithi) in the other half form on the left side. It is the union of opposites like ascetic nature versus materialistic attractions, dual versus non-dual, fearsome versus gentle and destructive versus constructive.


To be short, there is no Shiva without Shakthi and there is no Shakthi without Shiva.


Let us pray to this amazing form and gain all the good virtues the Ardhanareeshwara form suggests to us.


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