What does the Third Eye of Lord Shiva Signify?

Pradosham in the Shukla Paksha Purattasi falls on October 3rd, 2017. We generally adore the ornaments of Shiva for their significance. His third eye is equally magnificent and bears lots of significance.


Let us see what are the inspiring qualities of the third eye of Lord Shiva and concentrate on these qualities also when we visualize the picture of the Lord.


Kama burnt by the third eye of Lord Shiva


Lord Shiva


Shiva’s third eye marks His anger. It is said that He went into deep meditation after He heard that His wife Dakshayani (Sati) burnt herself due to the disrespect shown by Her father Daksha in the Yaga conducted by him.


When Sati was born as Parvathi, Kama (God of love) tried to disturb the Lord’s meditation with the intention of uniting Shiva and Parvathi. As the result, he was burnt by the third eye of Lord Shiva. So, the third eye signifies the destructive aspect of Lord Shiva. It also means the destruction of desire in a person.


The third eye also showcases Shiva’s wisdom. His right and left eyes denote His activities in this world and the third eye signifies His in-depth spirituality and power.



Let us keep all these ideas in mind when we offer our prayers to Lord Shiva during Pradosham and surrender at the feet of this Great God who is the epitome of Absolute Truth. 







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