Why There is No Bhoomi Pooja in Panguni?

We may wonder why there is no Graha Pravesham, Bhoomi Pooja in Panguni. People do not shift to new houses in this month. Why?


For things related to house construction, we normally conduct Vasthu Pooja. Vasthu is the devata responsible for all the matters related to house construction. He is supposed to sleep under earth and will be awake only for 36 minutes which is known as Vasthu time. People conduct Vasthu Pooja during this time to appease Vasthu Bagavan and thus get their things done while constructing a home without any hitch.


During Panguni, Vasthu is not awake and sleeps for the whole month. If you awaken him he will cause troubles to your work. That is why there is no Vasthu Pooja, Bhoomi Pooja, house warming or shifting in the month of Panguni.


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