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February 28, 2017 10:40 PM

Is Doing Shraddham Indispensable?

Pithru Yajna –as Inevitable as Air to Breathe!


Yajnas are commonly done in worship of some God and pithru yajnas are offered to our ancestors. They are considered as sacrifices and are inevitable oblations which have to be performed by the progeny of a family. A good shraddham services centre can help one achieve the desired outputs of performing the ritual without losing its sanctity.


What is pitru yagna or shraddham? 




Any yagna is an action of a person who derives benefits out of performing that ritual. There are yagnas performed for invoking Gods and pitru yagna is done to pay homage to one’s ancestors through oblations or shraddham.


Shraddha is the way one remembers his ancestors and showcases his gratitude to them. By doing so, one is able to seek his ancestors’ blessings and get over the ill effects caused by the blocking ancestral karmas. The pleased ancestors bless the karta with progeny, health, and prosperity in life.



Why should one perform shraddham? 


One offers food in the form of pindam and water to the ancestors when he does shraddham. He thus serves his ancestors after their death and helps them cross the ancestral world and enter Brahma Lokam. Further, by doing shraddham, one is able to complete the incomplete wishes of his forefathers. Thus, he seeks the blessings of his ancestors and gets the satisfaction that he fulfils all the duties he owes in life including the ancestral obligations.



Why doing shraddham is indispensable? 




Doing shraddham is indispensable because through shraddham one quenches the thirst andhunger of his ancestors. As per Shastra, our ancestors are taken to Yama Loka by YamaKingaras after their death. They reach either hell or heaven as per their good and bad deeds (otherwise known as papam and punyam). They receive punishments in hell or enjoy heavenly pleasures for a duration of time and then reach PitruLoka where they stay in sukshma body waiting for their rebirth. On their journey to PitruLoka they suffer from hunger and thirst and it is doing shraddham and offering pindam and oblations that will relieve them of their sufferings.





The pindam and water offered by the karta (performer of shraddham) actually relieves the ancestors of their hunger and thirst and they bless the karta with all good things in life. It is said that there are three generations of our ancestors waiting in Pitru Loka to receive the oblations. If a person fails to do shraddham, he is liable for receiving Pitru Shapam and gets all ill effects in life due to this shapam.


When one does shraddham every year for his ancestors, he is able to help his elders enter Brahma Loka from Pitru Loka. This he can do with his saying “Brahma Loke Sukha Nivasam Praptirastu” at the end of the shraddham every time. Not only that, it is said that our one year is one day for our ancestors in Pitru Loka. So, offering pindam and water to them every year by way of doing shraddham is like giving them food every day.


After knowing all these details, none will skip shraddham as he can understand the indispensability of performing it every year. Otherwise, his ancestors will suffer from hunger and thirst and he will owe their curse.


Who has to perform shraddham? 


It is the son of a family. The son is called ‘putra’ because he relieves his elders from the hell called ‘Put’ by doing shraddham. So, it is his moral obligation to do oblations and relieve the ancestors from hell. Suppose there is no son or any child in the family, there are rules to be followed as per the Shastras.


So, doing shraddham on the thithi and in the month when one’s ancestor passed away is a must. Keeping this in mind, one should approach any good shraddham services centre that will provide all necessary amenities with able purohits to accomplish his task in the most sacred and ritualistic manner.



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