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Gain Victory by Observing Vijaya Ekadashi!

Vijaya Ekadashi falls on the eleventh day after the Full Moon Day (Krishna Paksha) in the Tamil month of Thai. As the name indicates Vijaya Ekadashi brings victory to the Ekadashi observers.


 Vijaya Ekadashi 2018 falls on February 11, Sunday.


Vijaya Ekadashi Vrata Katha


Vijaya Ekadashi has a mythological story in its background. While narrating the significance of Vijaya Ekadashi, Lord Krishna says to Yudhishtira how Lord Brahma narrated the story of Vijaya Ekadashi to Narada Maharishi, his son.


The story relates to the victory of Lord Rama over Ravana, after Lord Rama observed Vijaya Ekadashi. We all know that Rama, Lakshmana, and Sita left for the forest as per the order of Dasharatha. They stayed in Panchavati where Rama lost Sita and searched with Lakshmana for her in forests and mountains. He came across Jatayu during his search and came to know through Jatayu that Ravana had abducted Sita.


Rama became friends with Sugriva, the king of monkeys and sent Hanuman his army chief in search of Sita. When the great Vanara crossed the ocean to find Sita, he was able to accomplish his task. He found Sita in a garden full of Ashoka trees and gave her the ring sent by Rama.


vijaya Ekadashi 2018

Hanuman came back to apprise Rama of Sita’s condition and Rama decided to wage a war against Ravana. The ocean was in between Rama and Ravana and it was a tremendous task for Rama and his army of monkeys to cross the ocean. All the monkeys did not have the power to fly in the sky as Hanuman had. Rama felt hapless and wanted some guidance in this matter. Rama lamented,


“Lakshmana! I do not know the way.”


 Lakshmana said,


“Oh, the greatest of human beings! We have a solution for this crisis. There is a great sage called Bakad Albhya. He resides in the nearby ashram.  Let us go to his place and seek a solution from him”.


Both of them went to the ashram of Bakad Albhya and paid respects to him. When they explained their predicament to him, the sage advised Rama and his battalion to observe the oncoming Vijaya Ekadashi. He said that Rama and his army would be able to cross the ocean with the merit obtained by observing Vijaya Ekadashi.


The sage advised,


“Oh, Rama! Immaculate and blemishless in character! Coming Ekadashi is known as Vijaya Ekadashi. As the name implies, ‘Vijaya’ means victory and those who observe Vijaya Ekadashi will become victorious in their tasks. Follow what I say to you now:


Take a pot of any metal or clay and fill water in it; decorate the top of the pot with mango leaves; keep a lid on it and spread seven grains, pomegranate, and coconut; keep the idol of Narayana on the lid; decorate the pot with garlands and sandalwood paste. Do this on Dashami before the day of Ekadashi. On the day of Ekadashi do pooja to the pot, observe fasting and keep awake at night.


On the day of Dwadashi, take the pot to a water pond, do pooja to the pot there and offer the pot to a worthy brahmin. Break your fast and have food.”


By observing Vijaya Ekadashi as advised by the sage Bakad Albhya, Rama and his army were able to cross the ocean, beat Ravana in Lanka and recover Sita. They became victorious in conquering all demonic forces.


Benefits of observing Vijaya Ekadashi


One gets rid of his sins.


One can go to Vaikuntam after death.


One gets the victory in his enterprises in life.


One can get the merit equal to that of conducting a horse sacrifice by reading or listening to the story of Vijaya Ekadashi.


Let us observe Vijaya Ekadashi to get rid of our sins and gain victory in our attempts in life.









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