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January 21, 2017 10:11 PM

How and Why to Observe Ekadashi?

How and Why to Observe Ekadashi Puja at Home?


गङ्गा गीता च गायत्र्यपि च तुलसिका गोपिकाचन्दनं तत्  सालग्रामाभिपूजा परपुरुष तथैकादशी नामवर्णा:


From above verse in Narayaneeyam, we are able to understand that performing any one of these simple things like dipping in Ganges, reading Bhagavad Gita  chanting Gayatri Mantra, performing puja at home with Tulasi, applying Gopi Chandan, doing Saligramam pooja, observing Ekadashi vrat and chanting His Name will lead one to salvation in the easiest way. 


Out of these eight simple things as mentioned in Narayaneeyam, observing Ekadashi vrat is the simplest thing. Read on to know how and why to observe Ekadashi




Ekadashi is an important day for the Hindus especially for those who dedicate the day to Maha Vishnu through praying and fasting. All the 24 Ekadashis in a year are considered religious and sacred by the Hindus and behind the religious observance of this day through fasting, there are scientific reasons which make us wonder at the logic and reasoning capabilities of our ancestors and the way they took care about their wellbeing.



What is Ekadashi?


what is Ekadashi?


Ekadashi is the 11th day in the lunar cycle from the Full Moon day (Pournami) and No Moon day or New Moon (Amavasya). It is said that Lord Vishnu has incarnated this day with His grace and those who pray to Him on this day with fasting will experience His grace and presence to a great extent.

Ekadashi is named after the female deity who arose out of Lord Vishnu to kill the demon Muran. Being pleased with the power of the Deity, Lord Vishnu named her Ekadashi and the day when she performed this feat came to be known as Ekadashi.

Those who fast on this day and perform pooja in home are sure to get rid of their sins and reach Vaikuntam by seeking the benedictions of Lord Vishnu.


Mythological references


Ekadashi_Padma purana

Ekadashi_Padma Purana


In Padma Purana, (one of the eighteen major Puranas, a genre of texts of Hinduism) there is a reference to Ekadashi. Lord Vishnu created Papa Purusha, who is the embodiment of the sins human beings can commit. Due to this creation, there have been lots of sins looming large in the world and the Lord wanted to make the human beings accountable for their sins. As a result, he created Yamaloka and YamaDharma Raja as its lord.

The sinners in the world started undergoing punishments in the Yamaloka after their death and Lord Vishnu on His visit to Yamaloka took pity on the plight of the sinners and gave them a remedy in the form of Ekadashi vrata. He advised that taking Ekadashi vrata will get people rid of their sins in the world.


Thus, it has been the staunch belief of the Hindus that those who fast on the day of Ekadashi will surely get liberated from their sins and attain that spiritual awakening that will lead to Mukthi or liberation of the soul.


When to start Ekadashi vrata?

It is said that Krishna while advising Arjuna about Ekadashi vrata said that taking Ekadashi vrata on Utpanna or Uttpatti Ekadashi that falls during the waning phase of the Moon during November and December is the right time for starting Ekadashi vrata.


How to observe Ekadashi puja at home?


How to observe Ekadashi


People normally take one meal before the day of Ekadashi (Dasami). On Ekadashi day, they go on complete fasting without taking food. On the next day Dwadasi, they break their fast early in the morning by taking the meal. It is a three-day process wherein the body and the soul get cleansed and renewed with physical and spiritual energy.




What to eat and what not to eat during Ekadashi fasting?


There are people who take up complete fasting without taking food and even water.  People with the Diabetes and blood pressure are allowed to take some kind of food.


Food items you can take


Ekadashi_wjhat to eat

                         Ekadashi_What to eat  You can take


                                          Light refreshments,

                                          Fruits, dry fruits, nuts and

                                         Vegetables like potatoes, pumpkin, green papaya, cucumber, Lemon and coconut on this day. 


Restricted food items



Ekadeshi_what to avoid

Ekadashi_what  not to eat                                  Grains, dhal and flour made of dhals, 

                                  Onions, garlic, carrots, tomatoes, brinjal,

                                  cauliflower, broccoli, bell pepper

                                  Peas, chickpeas and beans 

                                  products like pappadam made of beans

                                                           Bitter lemon, ladies finger, drumstick, oils made from grains and honey




Benefits of Ekadashi Vrata


·         It helps you gain the grace of Lord Vishnu

·         It takes you to Vaikundam relieving you of the cycle of birth and rebirth

·         It assures health and prosperity in life

·         It liberates you from the sins of the past

·         It purifies your body and enhances the digestive system

·         It helps you flush out the toxins

·         It allows spiritual awakening, emotional stability and improves self-control.




Ekadashi_Chant HIS Nama



Observe Fast! Chant HIS Name! Improve your mental faculties, cleanse the body and awaken spiritual being to an elevated plane of thinking.





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