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Rare spiritual gains you derive out of Prabodhini Ekadashi

Prabodhini Ekadashi 2017 date is  October 31, Tuesday.


Prabodhini Ekadashi occurs in Shukla Paksha Aippasi and is considered very auspicious. It is the end of the Chathurmas which is known as the sleeping time of Lord Vishnu.


Prabodhini Ekadshi

Lord Hari starts sleeping on Deva Sayana Ekadashi (Ashada Ekadashi) and wakes up on Aippasi Shukla Paksha Ekadashi. So, this Ekadashi is known as Prabodhini Ekadashi which means ‘awakening eleventh’ (day) and Vishnu Prabodhini which means the awakening of Lord Vishnu (on the eleventh day in the bright lunar period of Aippasi month). It is also called Dev Uthav Ekadashi, Dev Oothi Ekadashi (‘awakening of God’) and Haribodhini Ekadashi.


During Chathurmas, marriages are not conducted. Prabodhini Ekadashi restarts marriage celebrations and the Pournami that follows this Ekadashi is known as ‘Dev Diwali’ (Diwali of Gods). Lord Brahma narrated the merits of observing Prabodhini Ekadashi to his son Narada.


Legends related to Prabodhini Ekadashi


As per the mythology, Goddess Lakshmi was dissatisfied with Lord Vishnu about His sleeping timings. She wanted Him to follow a regular pattern in His sleeping mode. Lord Vishnu would sleep for many days and would keep awake for long days. This caused a lot of trouble to the Devas and Gods who had to wait for Lord Vishnu to wake up from His long sleep. The Universe also underwent innumerable troubles as the Asuras took advantage of this situation and terrorized the Devas and the people on earth.


At that time, a demon called Sankhyayan stole the Vedas and tried to deprive people of the knowledge of Vedic literature. The Devas waited for Vishnu to wake up from His sleep and complained about the Demon. Lord Vishnu fought with Sankhyayan and brought back the Vedas. Acknowledging the long duration of His sleep and the consequent ill effects, Lord Vishnu decided to sleep for only four months and this time is called Chathurmas. He starts sleeping on Deva Sayana Ekadashi and wakes up on Prabodhini Ekadashi after four months.


Observance of Devotthan(Prabodhini) Ekadashi


Devotthan Ekadashi fasting rules are the same as that of any other Ekadashi.


Devotthan Ekadashi is the day Matha Tulsi gets wedded to Lord Vishnu. So, the marriage of Lord Vishnu with a Tulsi petal is celebrated in temples on this day. Some people celebrate it on the next day. Solemnising the marriage of Tulsi petal with Lord Vishnu bestows progeny upon the devotee.


Salagrama is considered very auspicious during this time and it is offered special prayers on the day.


People offer special pooja to Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi in the evening. Rice, red chillies and sugarcane are offered to Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi this evening. These offerings are given to brahmins.


Benefits of observing Haribodhini Ekadashi 2017


Observing Prabodhini Ekadashi vrat absolves a person of his sins committed in his previous 100 births and gets him Vaikuntam in the end.


It is more auspicious than taking a dip in holy rivers like the Ganges.


It brings more spiritual merit than conducting thousand Aswametha yagas and one hundred Rajasuya yagas.


Observing fast on Devotthan Ekadashi is more meritorious than bathing in pilgrim spots, giving horses, cows, gold and fertile land in charity.


The observer is regarded as a wise man, yogi and highly qualified. He is dear to Lord Vishnu.


Observing Haribodhini Ekadashi helps in one’s ancestors getting rid of their sins and coming out of the punishments in hell and entering Vaikuntam.


Keeping awake on the night of Prabodhini Ekadashi nullifies the sins accumulated in the previous one thousand births.


 A person achieves the rarest thing in all the three worlds by observing Haribodhini Ekadashi vrat.


Offering yellow coloured flowers to Lord Vishnu is very auspicious on this day.


The devotee should not eat in others’ houses on this day.


Observing fast on this day is equivalent to fasting for Lords Brahma, Shiva, and Vishnu.


Celebrations of Devotthan Ekadashi in various places



Prabodhini Ekadashi 2017

Prabodhini Ekadashi is celebrated in a grand manner in Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Rajasthan.


In Gujarat, Girnar Mount is circumambulated (parikrama) for two days. Lakhs of people visit the Mount on this day every year.


In Rajasthan, Pushkar Mela is conducted on Haribodhini Ekadashi. It is conducted in the worship of Lord Brahma.


In Maharashtra, Lord Vittal in Pandarpur is offered special prayers and pooja during this time. People visit the Pandarpur temple to take a darshan of Vittal (Lord Vishnu) at this time. Sarkari pooja is conducted in Pandarpur temple for five days.


Observe Prabodhini Ekadashi vrat 2017 and reap the rarest spiritual merits in life.

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