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Why Do We Use Til on Shattila Ekadashi?

Shat-tila Ekadashi is the Krishna Paksha Ekadashi that falls in the month of Margazhi. It is also called Shat-tila Ekadashi or Tilda Ekadashi.  On this Ekadashi, we use til to get rid of our sins and attain purified souls.


This year, Shattila Ekadashi falls on January 12.


Meaning of the term Shat-tila


‘Shat’ in Hindi means ‘six’ and ‘til’ means sesame seeds. Using til or sesame seeds in six ways increases the merit of observing Shat-tila Ekadashi vrat. The six ways of using sesame seeds on Shattila Ekadashi are


Shatṯila Ekadashi1. Mix sesame seeds in the water you use for bathing.


2. Make a paste of sesame seeds and rub it on your body.


3. If you perform yagna on this day, offer sesame seeds to the yagna fire.


4. Make some food with sesame seeds.


5. Give sesame seeds in charity.


6. Do oblations to your forefathers with sesame seeds.


By doing so, one gets immeasurable spiritual benefits on Sattila Ekadashi. This account of using til on Sattila Ekadashi is narrated by Sri Palastya Muni to Dalbhya rishi.


Shattila Ekadashi vrata Katha


Shatṯila Ekadashi


Shattila Ekadashi vrata katha was narrated by Sri Krishna to Narada rishi.


In ancient days, there was an old lady who was very charitable by nature. She gave many things in charity to people and was very generous in her offerings. But she did not offer food to the persons who came to her doors for alms.


The lady was an ardent devotee of Lord Krishna who wanted to teach the lady about the significance of offering food to the needy. So, he went to the lady’s house in the disguise of a beggar and asked for food. The lady got extremely irritated and threw a ball of clay into his begging bowl. When she went inside to take her food, she was wonderstruck to find her food being turned into clay. From that day, she was not able to eat food. All the food items she cooked or touched turned into clay. She was becoming thin and deteriorating day by day.


Lord Krishna appeared in the dream of the lady and told her that she could not eat since she did not give food to the people who requested her for some alms. He also said that it was only Annadhanam which is the most significant of all the charities and it helps a person in getting good spiritual benefits. The Lord advised the old lady to observe Shattila Ekadashi and wash away her sins. The old lady did the same and was able to eat food then onwards.


Benefits of Shattila Ekadashi Vrata


The devotee gains spiritual enlightenment and purification of the soul.


He secures wealth, prosperity and happiness in life.


He gains both material and spiritual progress in life and gets liberation in the end.


The person who fasts on Shattila Ekadashi gets purified of negative thoughts and negative emotions like anger, ego, and jealousy.


Offering sesame seeds in charity helps one get more spiritual benefits.


Offering oblations to the ancestors with sesame seeds and water helps one in getting the blessings of the dead ancestors.


How to observe Shattila Ekadashi Vrata?


Observing Shattila Ekadashi is like observing any other Ekadashi vrata. We need to avoid rice and grain and those who are not able to observe complete fasting can have fruits and milk. Keeping vigil at night and meditating upon Sri Hari will bestow innumerable spiritual benefits.


Let us observe Shattila Ekadashi vrata and wash away our sins to attain liberation.



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