Varaha Dwadashi

         Today, February 8, 2017, is Varaha Dwadashi.  This day is dedicated to the Varaha – Boar avatar of Lord Vishnu. It was on this day Lord Vishnu rescued Mother Earth from demon Hiranyaksha. Varaha Dwa...

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      Today is special for Karhthigai Vratam observed in the worship of Lord Muruga.     Karthigai is a star among 27 stars and falls on the day when the Moon crosses the Karthigai constellation of six stars once in ...

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   Today is Bhishmashtami   Bhishma is the great hero who is the embodiment of loyalty and selflessness in the evergreen epic, Mahabharata. Everyone knows that he is the son of Mother Ganges and king Santanu and is the warrior unbeatable for...

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      Rathasapthami is the ritual observed in the Tamil month of Thai (Maga) on the seventh day from Amavasya. Ratha means the chariot, (the chariot of the Sun) and Sapthami is the thithi that falls on the seventh day in Sukla Paksha af...

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  SASHTI VRAT   Feb 2, 2017, Thursday is Sashti Vrat.   Sashti is the sixth day from the New Moon and the Full Moon days in the lunar calendar. Devotees of Lord Muruga observe fasting and perform puja at home on this ...

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Vasant Panchami

   Vasant means spring and Panchami is the fifth day as per the lunar calendar. Vasant Panchami falls on the fifth day after Amavasya in the month of Magh(Thai) between January and February. It celebrates the arrival of the spring season and the st...

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Thai Amavasai

  Thai Amavasai is the first New Moon day after the Sun has started its celestial journey into Northern hemisphere. The Sun represents the soul in Vedic astrology and he helps one seek ancestral blessings to a great level during this time.  Doi...

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Ritual Center

Rituals are the essence of Hindu religion and they awaken spirituality in a human being. Our ritual center helps you attain the fruits of life through pooja services and other services.


Significance of rituals in Hindu religion

Rituals form a major portion of Hindu life and the poojas, homam, and other such religious activities are part and parcel of Hindu culture. They boost the religiosity and moral being of a person, endorsing a spiritual awakening in him and transforming him to a supreme mode of thinking and acting. Without performing rituals, the life of a Hindu is not complete and he worships many deities for various purposes and goals through rituals and poojas conducted through a ritual center nearby to please Gods, attain prosperity and wellbeing in life and improve the supremacy of living by heading towards salvation or moksha after death.

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