Do You Know These Sterling Qualities of Lord Muruga?

  Sashti Vrata falls on May 31, 2017, Wednesday.   Sashti is the special day for the worship of Lord Muruga and those who observe vrat on this day reap tons of benefits and get relieved of their sins.   Let us see the unique qualities ...

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Lord Muruga, the Deity with Significant Names!

  Karthigai falls on May 25, 2017, Thursday   Karthigai is a day devoted to Lord Muruga. It is celebrated on the day when the Moon crosses the constellation of Karthigai star. We know it is a day dedicated to Lord Muruga.   There are m...

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Pradosha Vrata - Know Why We Celebrate It!

 Upcoming Pradosha Date May 23, 2017, Tuesday.   Pradosham is an auspicious period as all the hosts of celestial beings and gods come down from the heavens and attend the worship in their subtle forms. Lord Shiva is known to be in the most ecstat...

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Significance of Apara Ekadashi

  Upcoming Ekadashi that falls on May 22, 2017, Monday is known as Apara Ekadashi.   Apara Ekadashi or Achla Ekadashi falls in the Krishna Paksha of the Vaikasi month and is very significant for the religious benefits it offers.   ‘...

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Lesser Known Facts about Dandakaranya of Ramayana

   We all know that Dandakaranya is a forest around where Rama spent most of his time during his 14 years of exile. We come across the name Dandakaranya very often whenever we read or hear the story of Ramayana. Do we know that this name contains a...

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The Story of Lord Ganesh and Kubera

 Sankatahara Chathurthi for the month of Chithirai falls on May 14, 2017, Sunday.   We know that Krishna Paksha Chaturthi happens to be the day for the worship of the Primordial God Ganesh.   Read  How to Observe Sankatahara Chaturthi...

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What to Offer for Lord Shiva on Pradosham?

Pradosham is the auspicious time to pray to Lord Shiva. It occurs on the Thrayodashi thithi that falls on the 13th day after Full Moon and New Moon days. Pradosha kalam is between 4.30-6 pm and people worship Lord Shiva at this time with various offerings and ...

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A Glimpse into the Aspects of Agni Nakshatra!

   Agni Nakshatra starts on May 4 and ends on May 28 this year. This is called ‘Kathiriveyil’ in Tamil.   What is Agni Nakshatra?   Agni Nakshatra is the period of the Sun travelling in the star of Bharani (3 &4...

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Mohini Ekadashi Offers Spiritual Supremacy!

Mohini Ekadashi 2017 date is MAY 6, Saturday.    Mohini Ekadashi falls in the Shukla Paksha of Chithirai month (April-May).  Observing Mohini Ekadashi offers spiritual sublimity as it relieves one of his sins not only in this birth but i...

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