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Checklist for Ganapathy Homam

Are you going to conduct Ganapathy homam? Check the following list.


Ganapathy homam is an essential aspect of religious activities. Since Lord Ganesh is the primary God and remover of obstacles, we worship him at the outset of any yagna.


It is imperative to know what things are essential for conducting Ganapathy homam.


Read the checklist below to cross check your list.


1. Kumbam for avahanam

2. Banana leaf spread with rice

3. Water to be filled in kumbam

4. Cardamom and pachai karpooram to fill the water in the kumbam

5. Mango leaves to decorate the house and kumbam

6. Chandan

7. Kumkum

8. Camphor

9. Incense stick

10. Pooja vessels for keeping chandan, kumkum, camphor, incense stick

11. Betel leaves, nuts, cocunt

12. Banana and other fruits for neivedhyam

13. Modhakam for neivedhyam

14. Samiththu, ghee, homa gund

15. Small hand fan for keeping homa fire ablaze

16. Aarathi made of kumkum or turmeric and limestone (sunnambu)

17. Rangoli powder or rice flour for kolam

18. Durva grass, flowers for Archana

19. Garland for decorating the God

20. Turmeric powder and akshathai (yellow rice)


To get more details, approach us. We offer various plans to conduct Ganapathy homam. Samashti Ganapathy homam monthly and yearly plans, Sahasra plan and Premium plan are there for your religious benefits and fit your religious requirements. You can use our BYOP (Bring Your Own Purohit) plan.


For more details, contact us. We offer homam services at the best with cheap rates. You can avail our online booking services.










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