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Let Us Worship Vel for Manifold Benefits in Life!

Sashti is a powerful vrata observed in the worship of Lord Muruga who is dynamic, handsome, wise and spiritually enlightening.


The six faces and the lance in hand make Lord Muruga look vibrant, mighty and radiant with divinity.


There are many devotees who consider lance(Vel), the weapon of Muruga very powerful and worship it with piety.


In 2018, Sashti in the month of Masi comes on February 21, Wednesday.


What does Vel signify?


Vel has been created to destroy the negative forces on Earth.


The destruction of Surapadman with the aid of Vel is symbolic of the removal of ego in human beings.


Vel signifies the moral victory of good over evil.


Vel is a sharp-edged broad lance with depth in length. The broad spear signifies the broadness of the mind, sharp edge signifies the focused worship of the devotee for God.


Vel has been created with the mighty power of Goddess Parvathi. It endows the devotees with the power to fight out evil and other negative forces.


Worshipping Vel awakens spiritual knowledge in us and takes us towards union with Lord Muruga.


Let us worship Vel also along with the worship of Lord Muruga on Sashti.










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