Unlock the Symbolic Meaning of Lord Ganesh’s Appearance!

Angarika Sankatahara Chaturthi falls on Tuesdays and it is the very auspicious day to worship Vinayakar.


  Angarika Sankatahara Chaturthi date is June 13, 2017


As we know Ganesh is the God who is the remover of all the obstacles in our life and He blesses abundantly those who observe Sankatahara Chaturthi vrata. Those who observe this vrata on Angarika Chaturthi get what they wish from the God who is known for granting His devotees whatever they like once He is pleased with them.


Essential aspects of Lord Ganesh


  Lord Ganesh is the primordial God who is worshipped at the outset of any occasion.


 ‘Gan’ means group. A universe is a group of atoms and various energies. Lord Ganesh is the Lord of all the atoms and energies and has a control over them. Hence, He is the supreme consciousness who rules over the world.


 Lord Ganesh is the Parabrahma Swaroopa who actually is without form, attribute and is unborn.


 He is the embodiment of spiritual knowledge and wisdom and motivates our inner self towards spiritual enlightenment by awakening our Kundalini Shakthi.


We worship Lord Ganesh as a God with an elephant face and consider him as our favourite God for His special features like large belly, broken tusk and trunk.


Symbolic Significance of the Lord Ganesh’s appearance


   Lord Ganesh appears with a large belly. It shows his magnanimity and acceptance of everything. We should also follow him to accept every facet of our life with a balanced attitude.


    His upraised hand shows protection. He is the God who protects us from all evils and negative forces in life.


  He has a single tusk which is one pointed meaning focus. It reminds us of the fact that we should be focused on achieving our targets in life.


  His trunk signifies ‘ohm’, the sound representing cosmic reality.


  Ganesh has ankusa and paasa in hands. Ankusa symbolises awakening and paasa is the control. It brings forth the idea that awakening of energies in life can become uncontrollable and we need to have control over exercising the energies.


 We wonder why the Lord has Mouse as his vahana? Though the form is small, the rat or mouse has the capability to nibble at all ropes and wires and can escape from any kind of danger. Similarly, by worshipping Lord Ganesh, chanting His mantra (which is like His mouse) we can get out of any obstacle and enjoy many benefits in life.


So, worshipping Ganesh on Sankatahara Chaturthi will bring many positive results and spiritual energy to us.






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